Similar to a lawyer or an accountant who advises you based on years of experience and training – a qualified insurance advisor can do the same with your insurance needs.

Many people do not seek advice when applying for their insurance and do not fully understand the ins-and-outs of their policy leaving them underinsured in their time of need.

An Insurance Advisor can assist you in obtaining an insurance policy that suits your needs and give you any advice needed.

They can also help you in obtaining various quotations and explain the differences there may be between products.

As well as setting up the policy for you, your advisor will also arrange your insurance renewals and personally review your policy every year by re-quoting it with other companies on an apples-for-apples basis to ensure you have the most competitively priced policy that suits your needs.

An Insurance Advisor can also assist you in lodging insurance claims and deal with the insurance company on your behalf; which can at times be a daunting experience.

So why would you buy your insurance from the supermarket?