With the recent eruption of Mt Raung in Bali many travellers were left stranded with an estimated 25% of people not having any travel insurance coverage and as a result have been left out of pocket.

A lot of policies include amendment or cancellation cover which can help in paying additional hotel accommodation and transport costs as a result of a natural disaster like the volcanic ash cloud.

Insurance is the furthest thing from a number of traveller’s minds when planning an exciting trip overseas, when really it should be at the top of your list along with deciding on your destination and making your flight & accommodation bookings – If going through a travel agent they will ask if you would like to take out a travel insurance policy and set it up for you.

Checking with your credit card provider if travel insurance is included as a benefit if you pay for your trip using your credit card is also something to consider.

No-one plans on anything going wrong on an overseas trip but accidents happen regularly with thousands of Australians being involved in travel accidents and delays each year.

Medical costs incurred overseas can be enormous and payment must be settled before leaving whichever medical centre/hospital you are receiving treatment in & let’s face it most people don’t have thousands of dollars stashed away for ‘in case of emergency’ funds when travelling.

Having a Comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes Unlimited Medical & Dental costs is a must and also provides you with a number of other policy benefits.

Just remember a Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy needs to be at the top of your list!