Machinery Breakdown is one of the most commonly claimed sections of a Business Insurance policy by insured’s within the hospitality industry, that many tend to overlook.

Have you thought about what you would do if one of your refrigeration units broke down in the middle of a busy service period?

Most cafes or restaurants have more than one item that can be covered under the Machinery Breakdown section; domestic or commercial fridges; freezers, cool rooms, display cabinets, drink cabinets; and dishwashers are only a small percentage of machinery items that can be insured.

Having one of these items out of action for any period of time can be extremely disruptive and expensive to a business, especially if the broken item contains food that requires refrigeration

In addition to covering your machinery items for breakdown there is also the option to cover deterioration of stock so you are not out of pocket when having to dispose of spoiled food.

Air Conditioning units are another item that can be covered under this section – if you are renting your premises it is a good idea to check with your landlord if you are responsible for insuring the air conditioner for breakdown. Checking your rental agreement is the easiest way to do this.

Contact your Insurance Advisor for a quote and to add specific items to your policy or opt for a Blanket Machinery cover to cover a number of items up to a nominated sum.