Recently there has been a large increase in the number of Tradesman trailers and tools being stolen in and around the Geelong and Surfcoast area, whether it is from the back of a vehicle or onsite.

We have had many clients recently call through to lodge insurance claims panicking as they have lost EVERYTHING and have no idea how they can continue to work without any equipment at all!

Luckily they have all had the correct Trades Pack Insurance cover, covering not only their Public Liability but also General Property covering various tools and equipment Australia Wide.

One insured thought he had taken all of the correct precautions and had equipped his trailer and Ute with the latest locks and anti-theft devices, only to have the thieves cut the trailer loose and take everything.

He lost every tool and piece of equipment he owned, many he had carried through from his apprentice days that were specific to his line of work totalling over $30,000.

Luckily he had photographs of the trailer showing all equipment and was able to compile a list of the stolen items along with a quotation for replacement from a local hardware store.

Within the week the Insurance Company had transferred his settlement directly into his bank account in order to get him back up and working hassle free!

Making sure you have the correct coverage for your business needs is extremely important but just as important is taking precautions to minimise the risk of theft, a few simple things like not leaving your trailer onsite overnight and when at home having it in a locked garage or reversed into your driveway behind your vehicle rather than left out on the nature strip where it is easily accessible.