Fire Damage

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance allows you to get on site, get work done and protect your business.  Designed to protect you and your business against liability claims resulting from accidents or injuries that occur as a result of your business activities and accidental damage to property owned or controlled by someone else.

Our trades cover lets you choose the level of liability cover, that works for your business.


Fire Damage

Trailers, Cars & Utes

A common misconception in Trades Insurance is that your trailer is included in your vehicle insurance... but this is not often the case.  Our trailer insurance helps protect your trailer and the tools/equipment in it, from theft, damage or accidents - whether it's attached or unattached from your vehicle.

Fire Damage


Without tools you simply cannot work.  Whether they are stolen, lost or damaged we can get them replaced so that you can get back to work with as little disruption as possible.

You can select the right level of cover, add coverage for overnight storage on site, and add portable electronic equipment cover (for mobiles, tablets, laptops etc).


Fire Damage

Other Insurances To Keep You Covered

We offer an extensive range of products to protect your business and your family, including commercial motor vehicle insurance, house and contents insurance and more.

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Tim was on the job at a client’s house on a weekend, it was a hard landscaping project, that was nearing completion on a new build.  The client hadn’t moved in yet, so no one was on site with Tim, which was great – as he could get through a lot of work without much distraction.  As he was finishing up on site for the day, he turned the water mains on to give the new instant lawn a good soaking, to help with establishment and growth.

What Tim didn’t know, was the plumber had disconnected the water mains, as he hadn’t finished plumbing the upstairs ensuite – and so when the water mains were turned on, the new build, was slowly being flooded from upstairs… all the way down.  For the remainder of the weekend, the water continued to flood the house, damaging the new plaster, herringbone floors, staircase, new carpet – it was a disaster.

The home owner sued Tim, who was ultimately held liable for the property damage.

Fortunately, Tim’s Public Liability section of his Trade’s Insurance Policy meant he was covered for his legal liability to pay compensation for the property damage, which included the amount awarded to the third party and coverage for costs to defend Tim against the claim.

These costs add up and without the Liability Cover, Tim would have been put out of business, lost his house – and his put his family’s financial security at risk.

Don’t loose your tools… and your house!
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